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About Happy Factor

Are you happy?

We believe that this simple question is one of the most fundamental and important in life. In today's world it is difficult to find the time to take a moment, put things in perspective, and consider how content we really are. With this tool we offer a solution: an occasional text message that asks a simple question, "How happy are you right now?"

How does this help?

We believe that our service can help you in two different ways. First, just thinking about the question, "How happy are you right now?" - even if it is just for a few seconds - can help you become more mindful and aware of your emotions. Second, over time, the data collected from your responses can help you understand what in life makes you happy and what makes you depressed. For example, if you are truly happier when you are spending time with a particular friend or doing a particular activity, you will be able to see this trend from the charts on our site. You will gain similar perspective into what you were doing when you were down in the dumps. We hope that with these tools, you can change your life to have more happy moments and fewer unhappy ones.

Who are you? Why are you doing this?

We are three friends living in San Francisco, all software engineers, with an interest in understanding how and when people are happy. We were off on a trip together in July 2008 and we realized that we could use text messaging technology to explore some of these questions.

We think Happy Factor can help make you happier. We are not making any money from it, and would love for you to try it out with us.